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Walking the Highway

Sige, aaminin ko na dahil ngayon sigurado na’kong hindi lang ako ang nakagawa. (Although magkaibang magkaibang circumstance naman, hehe. :P)

My friend (M1) just posted an entry about his having walked the South Super Highway–from Greenbelt 5 in Makati to his house in Sucat, Parañaque, alone. He said that it’s always been one of his greatest fears, and that he was proud that he was finally able to overcome it.

If you ask me, it’s a really weird fear, but I’m glad he was able to do it despite that fear. I guess I’m quite proud of him, too. Other than the fact that the feat in and of itself is impressive–he actually walked several kilometers (more than 10, I think), in the middle of the night (actually since 1AM ’til 7), on a very busy (and therefore dangerous) highway, and alone, it was for no other reason besides wanting to conquer his fear of it. And that, not only makes it impressive, but meaningful as well. (Although it is kind of ridiculous (walking the highway), not to mention that it’s against the law. Buti hindi siya nahuli.)

I wish I could say the same for myself. Not the impressive part, but the being proud part. I have done several ridiculous (or stupid hehe) and scary things in my life too after all, including walking the highway. Although in my case, it was daytime, and I was with a friend (so now I know three people who’ve walked the South Super Highway, myself included).

I was a freshman in college then, and my friend J1 and I were on our way to visit another friend, J2, who studied at Asia Pacific College, which is located along the South Super Highway. (Note: J1 here is actually J2 in a previous entry, and J2 here was written as J1 back then. I don’t want to rank them so the numbers after the letters are interchangeable.) Anyway, J1 and I, being college freshmen, and therefore still not completely used to commuting in the greater Manila area, having been used to our lives happening only around the South (Muntinlupa-Las Piñas-Parañaque), assumed that the jeepneys that passed the highway were just like the jeepneys that passed Alabang-Zapote Road, in the sense that you could ask them to stop anywhere.

We found out we were wrong, right around the second time we both said “Para” in front of the school, and the jeepney just kept going and going. It didn’t stop until it reached the Bicutan exit, which if you pass by that highway, you’ll know is a few kilometers away from the school, which is in Magallanes.

Now, I don’t know how to research their exact distances from each other, but to give you (if you’re not from the South) an idea, here’s how the highway mentioned is:


Compared to my friend M1 who walked from Makati until Sucat, the distance my friend J1 and I walked was nothing. It was only from Bicutan to Magallanes, and on broad daylight (I think it was around 2 or 3PM. I remember it being really hot) too, although I don’t think it’s any less dangerous even in the daytime because there are still plenty of cars that go fast. Plus, we had each other to keep ourselves company, so we were actually just laughing about it (not too much because we didn’t want to inhale the smoke coming from the cars) the whole time we were walking. And walking the highway has never been something we’ve particularly been afraid of. The truth is, the activity hadn’t even crossed my mind until that time. I guess that’s the reason I didn’t feel particularly proud of myself for having done it. Although now that I think about it some years later, and especially after my friend’s said that it was something he was particularly afraid of, I guess it is one of those experiences that make life more interesting, and worthwhile. I mean, not that many people can say they’ve walked along a busy highway, right? And being able to share it with one of my closest friends, I guess, makes me luckier at life than I thought. 🙂


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