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Doodles No More

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Hola Patolas! The 2nd Mangaholix AniManGaming Convention is just a few weeks away! Can you believe it? I can’t. But then again, of the two of us, I’m more likely the only one who knows (unless you’re one of my close friends from high school) how long it’s been since the people behind Mangaholix have wanted to produce comics on their own, and hold their own conventions. I have to admit I had my doubts about such big dreams becoming reality, but I guess the world is a lot nicer to people with dreams than I originally thought.

Did I ever think that my friends would hold their own animangaming (this, by the way, for those of you who don’t know, is a combination of the words anime, manga, and gaming; meaning the convention covers those 3 areas) convention? Of course not. Not, cynical little me, oh no. I thought they’d be doodling behind their notebooks forever. Okay, that’s a little harsh, considering I’d seen how their art has improved through the years, but good artists aren’t all that’s needed to make a good comic. Enter, the other people invovled whom I didn’t know in high school. I guess they covered the marketing strategies, and all the other official stuff, and it’s mostly due to them that my friends have come this far (that is, of course other than because of my friends’ hardwork (naks, may ganon?)), but I think it’s cool to have so many people collaborating on something that just used to be a dream, or a joke that you would throw around at parties along with the other crazy ideas that you never thought possible.

Of course, success (or fame?) doesn’t come without a price. I guess it’s inevitable, especially with a big group of people, that because of all this commercialization and official-ness, the get-togethers with high school friends at the local fast food while doodling each other’s faces and making new private jokes is no longer possible. And neither are the free art workshops where you could just hang out and talk to the other artists whom you’d feel like you’ve known for a long time but really have just met that day (and then never see again, haha!). Not that I’m an artist, but I did meet a lot of people, despite the limited no. of Saturdays I spent on that workshop. (Even if I wasn’t a participant of the workshop and I just, er, handed out sandwiches. :P) I guess I managed to make a couple of new friends along the way, and still see some of ’em now in events like these.

I honestly liked how things were before, when everything was just fun and games, and we didn’t have to think too much about money, and legal issues, or strategic marketing (not that I think about those things now, I’m no longer part of the comic group after all, but I can imagine that they (those involved) are thinking about it). It was fun, just drawing (for them), and thinking up weird concepts, and joking about cosplaying (and then eventually going through with it :P). But I guess change is inevitable (whoa! did i really say that?! :P) and I’ll just have to accept that this is how things are now:

There’s an Animangaming Convention on May 21st of this year and

  1. Two of my friends from high school are right in the middle of all the organization and preparation (being the Editor-In-Chief and Circulations Manager and all)
  2. My other friends who are in a band (The Kagaws) are playing during the event, along with a number of other bands, some even mainstream popular, such as Urbandub and Kala.
  3. My closest friend who’s into comics won’t be able to attend because she has Saturday classes (she’s reviewing for the architectural board exam taking place in June); and
  4. Neither will I. (Because I have Saturday classes as well–I’m learning Nihongo.)

So, this is really just an advertisement for those of you who can come. I really hope you do. I was at the 1st Mangaholix Convention last year, and if this one’s anything like that, then it’s going to be a LOT of fun.

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