Technically, it’s August 31. But if SM can play Christmas songs on their PA system a day before September, then so can I! Except instead of playing Christmas songs on a PA system, I’m declaring that my birth month has begun and now it’s time for my annual posting of my Birthday Wish List! Hooray! :D

For my birthday this year, I hope my beautiful and amazing friends and family will give me some (or all (because epal ako)) of the following:

  • Snoe Products! – Any product! Except for the lip sugar polish as I already have this. Oh, and if you’re planning on giving me any of the powders/tinted moisturizers, please get the Warm Honey tone! :D
  • Desigual Accessories! – I thought I would think it passé as soon as it was already available in the Philippines, but no. I still love this brand! I’ll appreciate anything from it. :)
  • National Book Store GC! – Because bookstores and office/school supply stores are my Disneyland
  • At ang walang kamatayang handkerchiefs – I can never stop losing them, but I will never stop using them! (Parang boys!* ;) )

I’ve a short list for this year because it’s not a cheap list. Hehehe. Well, maybe the last 2 items don’t require much funds, but the first two kind of do. Bright side? You can share! I don’t mind if I get one expensive gift that’s from two or three people who pooled their budget. You see? I care about my community! :D

Happy September!!!

* SUPER JOKE LANG. If anything, it’s the other way around. :cry:


“Don’t settle,” they said.

And by “they” I really mean “everyone.” If I had a nickel for every time someone said to someone that he/she shouldn’t settle on a relationship that they think “isn’t good enough,” I think I would be a rich person.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in this philosophy. It makes total sense. Who doesn’t want the best? Given that we’re insatiable as a species, it’s already difficult for us to be content with someone we really like. So imagine how much harder it would be if we forced ourselves to settle on someone we only kind of like.

So don’t settle. Keep on looking for “the one” that’s best for you. There are 7 billion (?) people in the world, it’s highly likely that there’s someone out there who’s everything you’re looking for and more. So don’t settle on the first guy/girl you meet who shows an interest in you. Set your standards as high as you like, be very discerning or even discriminating when picking a partner. Look for someone who exceeds even your wildest dreams.

And then hope against hope and everything else you believe in, that they settle for you.

I Have Access to Your Twitter

You didn’t even bother to ask if you could borrow my phone. Or, okay, you did the first time. But mostly it was to ask how to use it. Not, if it was alright that you did. Not that I minded. You were surprised my phone didn’t have a password, that’s how much I didn’t mind. And it was not the first time you took something personal of mine and looked at it. You’ve looked at the business and identification cards that have accumulated in my wallet before. As well, in the past, I have looked at the receipts in your wallet and changed the color scheme on your phone. You changed it back immediately, but that was just the kind of relationship we had. So when I went into the living room and saw you sliding your thumb on my phone’s screen, I didn’t think anything of it.

It’s not a big deal to use someone else’s phone. If you ran out of credit and had an urgent phone call to make or text to send, asking to use someone else’s phone is normal, even necessary. So it’s not a big deal either that you checked your social media accounts on my phone’s browser and watched some music videos on my phone’s YouTube app. Even though those aren’t necessarily urgent matters.

But you didn’t log out any of your accounts. And you didn’t clear the search history. I suppose you just forgot. I don’t do those things either (Then again, it is my phone.) so I didn’t think anything of it. At first.

But now YouTube is suggesting I watch JPop music videos, because you didn’t log out of my account to access those. And now YouTube thinks we’re the same person. One’s search history is a very intimate thing, isn’t it?

And if I were so inclined, I could theoretically ruin your life, I just have to post something using your Twitter account. Can you imagine my surprise when I was expecting to check my Twitter account and saw your profile picture instead? I thought I made a mistake, but it was your Twitter alright. I was able to read the tweets of all the sports personalities you followed and everything. And that’s another thing. Sure, we follow each other on Twitter so it’s not like it would be difficult for me to find out about who else you followed. But it felt a little strange going through a Twitter feed of people that you were following, information that you were interested in. For a moment, it felt like I was in your head somehow, being able to read your thoughts, and I was able to find out interesting information about you, that you wouldn’t normally reveal or talk about unless someone asked you specifically about it.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t find anything embarrassing or blackmail-worthy in your tweets or on your feed; I suppose that’s why you’re so careless about logging out. But even just seeing all the things you’re interested in reading about online, in one feed like that… It felt like I was looking into your soul. Only the very surface of your soul, to be sure. But your soul nonetheless.

I should log out of your account, shouldn’t I? That’s the right thing to do. The truth is, I’m not even interested in reading your Twitter feed. It’s all just about sports and video games anyway and what do I care about those, really? And no, I didn’t go so far as to going to your friends’ personal Twitter accounts and reading their tweets. I don’t have the time. So yes, I definitely should log out. Especially so I can check my own Twitter on my own phone. That’s what I should do. That’s what I will do. That’s definitely what I will get around to doing. Soon. I promise.

Watching Movies

“I have five kids so watching a movie is a big event for my family, you know?” someone once told me when I asked if he liked going to the theater. He went on to talk about how expensive a single ticket was and how he would have to get each of his kids a snack and all that stuff. I guess because a movie-watching experience really isn’t complete without the popcorn and the soda, etc. etc. It’s why I love/d watching movies in the theater, too. Aside from the big screen and surround sound and all that, of course. Because it is a whole experience. You’re not just there to see a film. You’re there to experience it. Which is why, lately, I haven’t been going to the movies. Because as with a lot of other kinds of experiences, watching movies has become quite painful.

First, it’s become really expensive. Ticket prices have literally doubled since I stopped watching movies often. Probably the only reason I can still watch movies now is because I can use the points on my credit card.

Next, and I guess more importantly, because it is an experience, everything about it reminds me of the good times that have turned bad. From the checking of the screening times on my phone or on the PC to lining up to get tickets to choosing between cheese and barbecue popcorn (and of course choosing cheese in the end) to debating with oneself whether or not my Php20 is well-spent on a bottle of water or do I just get a soda instead because it costs more or less the same and is more delicious even though it’s not healthy at all. Even watching the trailers and the advertisements between the trailers as well as the PSAs about movie piracy brings back memories. And the smell of the movie theater (because all movie theaters smell the same, wherever you are, I mean, unless you’re in a particularly shady area of the city), the feel of the seats, the annoyance that comes over you when the people behind you kick your chair or when the people in front of you have no sense of timing and stand up to leave or just arrive in the middle of the movie…

Everything I see and hear and touch and smell and taste is a reminder of all the movies we ever saw and all the theaters we ever went and all the popcorn we ever shared and all the arguments-turned-jokes that we ever had about plot holes, continuity errors, temporal paradoxes and whether or not John Williams is the greatest composer who ever lived.

How do I erase the memories? How do I replace the memories? How do I enjoy watching movies again?