Since 2006

It’s unfortunate that it’s the saddest of things that brings about some of the happiest things. A friend who I used to work with recently lost a family member. So I and some of my former colleagues went to the wake last Saturday. And because in this country, we believe that it’s bad luck to go straight home when you’re coming from a wake, we had burgers at a nearby place before we called it a night.


Most of us have known each other since 2006. That was the year I started working at the company I used to work in. I left that company in 2010, but have kept in touch with some of my colleagues, most of whom are in this picture. Though there are also some people here whom I haven’t seen (except on Facebook) in the last 2 years.

A lot’s happened since I left that company. For starters, only 3 of the people in this picture are still working there. So there were lots of things to catch up on. And inevitably, everyone, and I do mean each and every one of them, almost individually, too, asked me about E. Why wouldn’t they? E was especially present in my life during the years that I worked in that company. They all met him. He even went to one (or more than one, really) of our summer outings. They knew his name, they knew what he looked like, and they all talked to him at one point or another. And they’re my friends. So they asked about him. And I told them what happened. They reacted, pretty much the way friends react. They didn’t say anything offensive or anything that would make me cry. And we talked about many other things, too, which I was extra grateful for.

I guess it’s only normal that when you meet with people you haven’t seen in a long time, the first thing they’d ask you is about the last thing they remember about you. Just to be sure, though, I told them I hoped that they wouldn’t ask me about E again the next time we all see each other. They agreed but not before joking about it, which is fine. I don’t really mind joking about it. Especially if the joke is funny, and they were. Because they’re funny. They’re some of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

Maybe it’s not unfortunate that death brings people together, after all. Perhaps, since death is inevitable anyway, then it’s even a good thing, that there’s at least one good thing that happens when someone dies.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

Before anything else, I’d like to say that there are spoilers in this post. Of course.

I’m not going to say that this show is perfect or that it’s one of the best shows on TV ever. Although I guess it did already make history since it’s really the show that brought the “zombie genre” into the mainstream. Though I guess it has to do with the rise of geek and nerd culture as well, but I don’t want to start talking about how “timely” everything on TV is or how some shows were “ahead of their time”, like Police Squad. Why do I always start my blog entries with disclaimers like these? All I want to do is fangirl about The Walking Dead!

I don’t know why The Governor was such a big thing. I guess he was a big character in the graphic novels and David Morrissey is a great actor, but I didn’t really like him and what he brought to this show. Or, it was nice and exciting in Season 3, but I was totally bored with the 2 episodes in this season that they dedicated to him. I just kept waiting for Rick and the others to show up and when they didn’t I was really disappointed. Although I guess all that boredom was necessary for it to be relevant when he came to the prison in the mid-season finale and killed Hershel. Though any circumstance that ended up with Hershel being dead would’ve been a big deal to me. I really liked him and his somewhat pacifist nature.

Anyway, I’m glad The Governor was over and done with mid-season and the 2nd half was able to tackle another story. Or I guess I should say several other stories, since each episode dealt with a small group of characters, only 2 or 3 of the main cast at a time. I liked these episodes and I like that they did this to show the characters’ individual strengths. So when Rick says what he says at the end, you kind of feel the weight.

He says that the new bad guys are going to feel stupid once they find out that they’re messing with the wrong group. And it was amazing. It gave me goosebumps. Sure, it was totally dramatic and such a scriptwriter line that you wonder if Rick Grimes the character and not just Andrew Lincoln the actor was talking to a camera because it was that kind of cheesy, but I think it was a great line and it totally worked for me.

I’m saying it worked for me because now I know I’m going to get impatient waiting for season 5. But one of the best things about The Walking Dead is that when its season ends, a new season of Game of Thrones begins! :D So. I’ll probably be fangirling about that next week!

In other news: I went to my elementary & high school alma mater today with my friend M. She’s looking for a school for her sister who’s just about to enter high school. Sort of. I saw my old teacher who was also my adviser when I worked at the school paper and she remembered me and she was still as sweet as ever. I suppose it would be more productive (despite that this is a personal blog that I’m not making any money out of) if I wrote about nostalgia and going back to school and graduations (given that it’s graduation season) and all that, but gosh. The Walking Dead is more interesting to me at the moment. My my how my priorities have changed. :P I wonder what my teacher will think.

Saturday Night Movie

I don’t know why I suddenly have so much free time on my hands. What did I used to do that makes me feel like I didn’t have any free time at all the past few years?

I’m watching National Treasure 2 right now. Obviously not your first choice of a movie to watch ever. But it was already the most interesting one in the cabinet where we keep the DVDs. That says something about our taste in movies I guess. Or to be more accurate, our laziness/disinterest in buying new movies.

But I don’t know why I feel like it’s been such a long time since I’ve done this, but when I look at my planner, there have always been more Saturdays when I didn’t do anything and just stayed at home.

I suppose I really shouldn’t have free time because there are so many important things to do. Like exercise. Or diet. But what’s that? I hear the Yellow Cab Delivery guy’s motorcycle at the gate. What am I doing.


The bar exam results were posted today and the only two people I know who took it both passed. Hooray! :D

I’m glad they both passed. Would it be awkward if only one of them did? Probably not. I don’t think they know each other. Or wait, actually, they probably do know each other, but I don’t think they know that I know them both. Anyway, the only reason I associated them with each other is because they’re my mutual friends in Facebook.

I’m of course very glad that they passed and couldn’t be happier for them both. :) I’m really lucky that most of my friends and family (if not all, but I think actually it’s all) who take exams like these–board exams, bar exams, qualifying exams, scholarship exams, certification exams, etc. are always the passers. What I mean is, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen or heard of anyone I know fail a test, and the last one I know to have done so was me. Lol. So if anyone’s wondering where my inferiority complex comes from, it’s from this–that everyone I know is successful or even, overachievers.

But! This is of course not about me (though it still kind of is because this is my blog after all). I am really happy for them and I wish them the best of luck. :D Yay! :D